My Resume

Posted: Maret 30, 2008 in Bhs Inggris

Wednesday 5th March I left my livecity to meet my family in Bandung. I went to Bandung from Gubeng station by Mutiara Selatan train at 5 pm .My boarding house friend was pick me to get there. It was a boring time in the train, especially when the midnight came because I couldn’t slept well.

At 06.00 am the next day, my brother picked me up and we went directly to his place. In there, I met my parents thet I missed before . After that before noon my family and I went to Ciwidey to seing Kawah Putih spot, and to take strawberry fruit through from the tree.It was an excellent because I haven’t eaten strawberry before. How a tired day.

The next day 7 March, three of my relatives planned to go shopping .They were come to Bandung with my parents. But I wasn’t with them I was with my old friend in TamanSari to having some internet access, while they were shopping. I was back at 3 pm in the evening. Then I were at Paris Van Java big mall. That is a wonderfull and good designed hang out place. I think u must see it. The background & environtment designed as like as Europe place, that’s not one roof building mall like most in our country. We could shop ,while enjoying the beautiful scene surrounding by winter tree. After thet we all had some dishes in Dago Pakar hill called The View restraint. Then we had the surrabi supper before went back home to take rest. Because we mustn’t getup lately the next day.

Day by day, finally the graduation ceremony called “wisuda day” that my older brother had been waiting for is come.It began at 9 am in Sabuga Hall – ITB Bandung. And I met my parents, and my brother after the ceremony is up in the afternoon. There were a lot of “wisudawan ” and their families. In the evening , I rode teh Mila home in Buah Batu. It’s a far enough from our place ,but I enjoyed that .From her place, I continued my way to bought a train ticket at the station. But unfortunately, it was no result due to the late night time. So I just went ba ck to my brother boarding house ()the place we wewre stayed).

On 9th March in the morning ,I prepared myself for way back to Surabaya. After that I went to Station with my father to got a ticket.Than we bought some food stall (jajanan) in Pasar Baru. What a crowded Bandung is it, we got the busy traffic through Gasibu in way back. In afternoon my family and I took photograph in studio to save this moment. After that we had no time,we went to the station directly coz’ I had had my trainat 6 pm.Before I left Bandung, I thank some spirit and spiritual that I got from my parents. Finally my weekend schedule was over ,the routine activity had been waiting for me.


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